Kaia is a high school junior and a phenomenal athlete! She tore her ACL and meniscus while playing basketball and underwent a long, arduous rehabilitation process. There have been bumps in the road to recovery, but Kaia has never given up and is gaining more strength daily. She has seen the entire healing joining and loves spreading positivity and gratitude. As FlairCare's ambassador, Kaia embodies these core values and will share her story with children worldwide.


Kellen is a middle schooler who radiates energy in everything he does. At such a young age, he fractured his foot during his last football game. For three months, he was forced to miss out on what he loved most: sports. However, he learned not to take things for granted and enjoyed living in the moment. Kellen's personal journey in sports injury highlights both the physical and emotional aspects of medicine. His multifaceted mindset perfectly aligns with FlairCare's mission.