Strong As Always

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With each book you buy, we will donate another book to hospitals, non-profit organizations, and patients who really need it. This is made possible by our generous donors.

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To children with sports injuries,

Millions of kids like you have sports-related trauma each year. You will be forced to take time off to recover, deterred from championship games and lifetime dreams. During these arduous months, you are not alone. You always have support from your family, teammates, friends, sports medicine providers, and people who love you. This injury only makes you stronger.

If you would like to partner with us or ask for support, feel free to reach out at any time. If you're a patient or relative of a patient and would like a copy of our book, contact us at flaircareteam@gmail.com. We gladly welcome all patient requests.

Meet our inspiration!

Beautiful As Always is now available in Chinese!

FlairCare's goal is to reach diverse, widespread audiences around the world! We're so excited to publish our Mandarin version.

"I met the lovely author at a walkathon for childhood cancer research. Such an inspiring individual with a cool organization. I got the book for my colleague’s 6 year old daughter who just diagnosed with cancer. This book is perfect as a gift."

Deb M (Amazon)

What Our Readers Say

"I bought this book on Amazon and all I can say is that this book was so great for my kid. He’s been diagnosed with cancer for about half a year now and suffers from hair loss. He was picked on by the other kids which really put him down. I bought this book for him and it brought a rare, authentic smile to his face. 10/10"

Johnathon Fullerman (Google Books)

"The best book for children with cancer. Truly an inspiring and strong story that everyone, young and old, should read. But the message isn't just about the struggles of cancer--but anyone who deserves more appreciation. Julia's journey shows us that happiness and self-love comes from within."

Tom W (Google Books)